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Saturday, September 15, 2012

avast! Rescue CD v.1.0.3 (2012/Multi)

Avast! Rescue CD - a boot disk avast! Rescue CD - can detect and cure virus infection on your computer. All actions are performed quickly and safely without the risk of infection. Also, avast! Rescue CD contains utilities for editing the registry (files, settings, operating system, Windows) and a utility to check and fix disk errors.

Additional Information:

Utilities in the avast! Rescue:

Test drive:
A powerful tool for searching and removing disk oshibok.Vy can choose either a regular full scan. Full scan does additionally tested sectors to detect bad sectors on the disk and labeling ih.Programma works with any hard drives (including SCSI, RAID), as well as removable media.

Cleaning the registry for errors:
Registry Cleaner will help you identify and eliminate problems in the branches, and registry keys. It also provides the opportunity to restore the registry after virus ataki.Programma has a huge number of different settings and allows you to perform different puzzles to clean up the registry.

Delete unnecessary files:
Junk File Remover utility will help you find and remove a nuisance files that take up space on hard drives. With this tool you can also clear the cache, such as temporary files and histori in your browser.

Data Shredder:
Data Shredder allows you to erase files so that later it is impossible to recover them using special software. When you delete a file with the introduction of standard tools, only removes the reference to data from the system tables localization, clusters files are marked as unused, but the actual removal is carried out only when a file is written to disk space, which is a remote file.

Registry Editor:
The utility, which you will definitely like it - the Registry Editor. It gives you unlimited access to the files of the registry in Windows, located on your hard drive. The data in the registry can be read and modified.The user interface is intuitively simple. The editor allows you to load data from a specific fayla.Pered opening any file, registry key, you can define whether the file should be saved. If you choose this option, a spare copy will be created in the same directory as the file itself. Every time you open creates a new spare copy. If copies of the file too much, user will be prompted to delete the old copy.

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